The Truth About 7 TEETH WHITENING Myths!

Why do teeth turn yellow?  Is there more than one way to whiten my teeth? Is whitening your teeth harmful to your enamel?  Should I whiten my teeth at home or at the dental office?  Does it do harm to your teeth the quicker the whitening process is?  Does whitening tooth paste work as well and the whitening strips?  Are my teeth yellow because of genetics!??


Let’s answer some of your questions and get the record straight about yellow vs. white teeth!

My teeth are yellow because of genetics.

It is true that there can be yellowing above the surface, but there can also be yellowing below the surface.  Above the surface yellowing can happen from dark drinks and can be removed over time with care.  The most common coloring is below the surface.  Below the outer layer of enamel is a yellowy core called dentin.  Over time your enamel will wear from aging, scuffs, grinding and acidic foods.  This yellow dentin layer will get closer to the surface and make your teeth appear more and more yellow.  Genetics can play a strong role in the yellowness of your dentin, the thinness of your enamel or the quickness of it’s deterioration.

There is only one way to whitening my teeth.

“Whitening your teeth can be achieved in two different ways: 1) Using A product that contains bleaching ingredients that change the color of the tooth by penetrating through the enamel and bleaching your yellowy dentin and 2) abrasive methods that simply remove the superficial stains on the top of your enamel such as the more controversial “whitening” toothpaste, “whitening” gum, and “whitening” mouthwash. (yes, we are using “ “ for a very specific reason!).”  -The American Dental Association 

Strawberries and lemons can be used to whiten teeth.

True, but at a cost.  The acid in the strawberries and lemons will eat away at your enamel.  In the end, you can do permanent damage to your teeth.

I can whiten your teeth with baking soda or hydrogen peroxide.

Baking soda simply doesn’t work and will disrupt the ratio of good to bad bacteria in your mouth.  When hydrogen peroxide comes into contact with the tissues, causing the same free radical reactions that age living tissue.

I can use whitening toothpaste and whitening gum.

“Whitening” toothpastes and “whitening” chewing gums may have whitening chemicals in them, but they are too weak to make any difference.  Your teeth need to be in contact with the whitening chemical for a minimum of 20 minutes for a color change.

Grocery store whitening gel and professional gel from my dentist are the same.

All teeth whitening gels have different levels of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient that whiten your teeth.  At Killeen Dental you can call for an appointment with our doctor and upon arrival we will create custom trays for you.  You can take the trays and solution home with our easy instructions for self application.  Professional whitening gel tends to be stronger than over the counter whitening gel you can buy at the grocery store.

The strongest whitening gel is the best

The stronger whitening gel might make the process go faster, the effect may not last as long.  The stronger the whitening gel is the more sensitive your teeth may become.  Bottom line: You can achieve the same results with lower concentrations of whitening gel, it is safer and your teeth stay whiter longer.

We work hard at Killeen dental to create oral health for you but we understand that there is an important cosmetic side as well.  We know your smile is important and we want to help you feel confident about it.  Call our office today and schedule a consolation or fitting for your custom teeth whitening.



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