The frightening consequences of a missing tooth!

Bone loss is frightening and can happen so quickly.  In the first year after tooth extractions, 25% off the bone is lost, and the bone continues to absorb after the first year.

Why does my bone deteriorate with a missing tooth?
Roots connect the tooth to the jawbone.  These roots allow the teeth and jawbone to function properly.  Every time you chews it stimulates the roots which stimulated and strengthens the bone.  When teeth are lost or removed, the roots die and the bone deteriorates and resorbs, melting away.  The front of your mouth and jaw bone quickly resorbs and the back posterior teeth – when missing – can collapse until the bone deteriorates.  When this happens the teeth in the front of the mouth start to flare our, the corners of your mouth droop and your facial appearances begins to change drastically as your jaw bone decreases.  When the bone melts away then the muscles migrate as well and pull back to their natural position, creating caved-in lips and skin wrinkles.  But cosmetic appearance aside, the worst side effect to bone loss is significant overall health problems associated to improper digestion and malnutrition.  Imagine trying to stay healthy when you can only swallow liquids?
That is the ugly, the positive is that technology has come along ways and there are many options for bone loss.
Bone Grafting for dental implants
A bone graft not only replaces absorbed bone, it also stimulates the bone to regrow and eventually replaces the bone graft with a patient’s own, healthy bone.  There are many different types of bone graft material that can be used depending on the patient, that can require less healing time.  Call Killeen Dental to discuss your personal options when it come to restoring lost bone.
Healthy bone is imperative to your over all health and to replace missing teeth.  Dental implants can preserve the prescious bone from absorbing after tooth loss.  Dental implants are 95% to 98% successful for 40 to 50+ years making it an incredibule, permanent option!
Being uninformed is the last thing you want when it come to your rapidly changing dental health.  Please call our office TODAY for a free consultation on your options to restore your healthy, beautiful smile!
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