Save Time & Money

Sedation Dentistry has come leaps and bounds and is the norm now in dentistry. Having fear and anxiety about your dental procedure is real and can limit the amount of dentistry that can be done in one visit. Killeen Dental can offer you a quick and easy way to eliminate any stress and anxiety you might have, completing your dental work in minimal office visits.

No Fear & No Pain

If you are anxious about your appointment, we have been trained to implement medications to help patients be as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Patients remain aware but feel less pain and usually don’t remember their visit. We have watched so many patients start off in complete fear and end up with a beautiful smile and stress-free experience at our office. They don’t experience pain or fear and complete their work they have wanted for years.

Conscious But Relaxed.

We have taken every effort to provide you with the most convenient sedation experience. Before your scheduled procedure, you take a pill that will leave awake but feel relaxed and carefree. While getting all of your work done we can give you headphones and blankets during the procedure. You can take the same pain medicine afterward and will wake up without memory of the experience. Call our office and ask us about your options for sedation dentistry.

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