Killeen Dental is constantly striving to provide our patients with the latest techniques and alternative options. We have introduced NuCalm Relaxation System as a non-medicated option for Relaxation in the dental chair.

Do you ever feel stressed out in the dental chair but are just as hesitant for sedation? What if there was a new technology that could easily, quickly and predictably lower your stress level during your dental visit? “NuCalm is a patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs. NuCalm gives you the power and control to slow down and recharge when you need to. By guiding you to deep relaxation, NuCalm allows your mind and body to relax, recover, and restore. On NuCalm, your body idles in the optimal healing state. This allows you to recover and rebuild quickly. The physiological benefits of deep relaxation include:

• Lowering stress (cortisol production)
• Improving sleep quality
• Optimizing the immune system, heart and respiratory health
• Enhancing focus and memory
• Balancing hormone cycles
• Enhancing creativity

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