Meet Our Doctors and Team

Dr. Devin Gneiting, DMD

Dr. Gneiting is excited to be back in Texas, as he considers himself an adopted Texan.  It did not take long for Dr. Gneiting to fall in love with Texas and its people when he began working in Waco, TX shortly after graduating from dental school.  With the ample fishing, hunting, and love of sports he feels right at home.  Dr. Gneiting grew up raising grain and potatoes on an Idaho farm and is constantly looking for a way to satisfy his farming instincts.

For many people, going to the dentist can be very unsettling.  Dr. Gneiting understands this and has treated many nervous patients before.  He has been certified by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation to perform sedation on patients that would otherwise not be able to get the dental work they need.  He understands that most of the time the fear is caused by an event many years previous and that it is his job to regain the trust of the patient.  In order to accomplish as much work as possible and reduce the number of visits to the dental office, Dr. Gneiting has paired his sedation training with advanced levels of root canal training, implant placement, and full mouth reconstruction in order to provide all the services needed in a single visit.

Dr. Gneiting's biggest achievement in life has been to convince his wife to marry him. Nicole is his best support and encourages him to accomplish his goals. Together they have three children. 

Dr. Davi Williams

Dr. Davi Williams, DMD

We are so happy to have Dr. Williams join our Killeen Dental family! Dr. Williams came to Texas as fast as he could! He is married to Carly and has 3 beautiful children. He enjoys biking, hiking and playing sports. He loves to cook and can't wait to get into smoking meats and the BBQ scene here! Dr. Williams is compassionate and genuinely cares about others. He is the perfect addition to our office.

When we asked Dr. Williams what accomplishments he was most proud of, he said, "I graduated from a high school that had a 50% graduation rate. Without the support and encouragement from my wife, I wouldn't have thought dental school was a possibility for me." Dr. Williams graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and then got his DMD at Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine. In addition, he also comes from a military family.

Dr. Williams believes that improving someone's self-esteem by improving their smile is one of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry for him. "I know how much anxiety can be associated with dental visits, whether it is from a negative past experience, or the fear of judgment. Being able to ease people's anxiety by establishing positive dental experiences is my goal as a dentist and one of the things that makes me love my job! Being able to alleviate dental pain and anxiety for someone and improve their quality of life is incredibly rewarding!"

Dr. Merrell

Dr. Jake Merrell, DMD

Dr. Merrell is a knowledgable and compassionate dentist that has decided to make Texas his home with his wife, Laura. Dr. Merrell goes above and beyond to provide comfortable, personalized dental care. When asked what he enjoys most about dentistry he said, "Helping patients make lifestyle and behavioral changes so they can prevent problems, gain confidence in their ability to have oral health, and enjoy their smile. When I was 16, I needed to have jaw surgery. I was nervous, but was reassured when my dental providers answered all of my questions and talked me through what was happening step-by-step. I had to stay in the hospital overnight and I couldn't open my jaw for 6 weeks. The recovery was difficult and uncomfortable, but I was prepared by my doctors and wasn't scared. I learned how important clear communication is between a dentist and a patient. I strive to clearly explain care and procedures to my patients and work to help them feel at ease while in my care."

Dr. Merrell moved around a lot growing up, which, he is now grateful for since he has become very close to his 5 siblings and has friendships/connections all over the country. He graduated with his Bachelors from BYU, served a 2-year church mission in central England, and then received his doctorate in dental medicine from Ohio State College of Dentistry. When Dr. Merrell is not with patients, he is enjoying exercising, riding bikes, reading, going to see movies and spending time with his wife who is expecting their first child soon!!

We knew very quickly that Jake was a good fit for our dental office because he enjoys meeting new people, he is honest and transparent in his communications and believes it is essential that his patients know they are an important part of our dental team.





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