Dental implants will help change the way you live.

Many people who have missing teeth, struggle to eat or smile confidently. The last thing you would want is your smile to keep you from getting that dream job, making a good impression to old friends or a new acquaintance. Gel and dentures can sometimes be painful and a nuisance. Implants have become a very popular solution to missing teeth. You will regain the ability to eat what you want, preserve your existing bone structure and smile with confidence knowing that your teeth appear natural and beautiful.

Bone loss occurs in those areas where teeth have been extracted. Over time, the remaining teeth can shift out of position which can cause strained teeth, jaw, gums and muscles. Tooth decay is inevitable from misaligned teeth that can create spaces where food can get trapped. Implants are a quick, permanent solution. Small titanium screw shaped posts are placed in the area where normally the roots of the teeth would be. Next, porcelain crowned implants are placed on top of the posts that look and feel like your natural teeth!

Here is what our patients are saying about their implants from Killeen Dental:

“Killeen Dental has been my preferred dentist for years. Dr. Gneiting and staff provide a family friendly atmosphere that is sure to minimize any anxiety you may have about going to the dentist. Dr. Gneiting spoke about dental implants as an option to replace missing teeth. I have to say this was the best information I received. As of today, I have two implants. Both were actually painless and only minimal discomfort was experienced. No pain meds were needed during post op. I would recommend Killeen Dental to anyone still looking for a family dentist.” Michael L.

Our dentists and staff at Killeen Dental have done a substantial amount of implant training and have years and years of successful cases with extremely satisfied patients. Check out our smile gallery for photo and video testimonials. Killeen Dental focuses on anticipating, diagnosing and treating surgically complicated implant cases. Not only are our results astounding but our patients are comfortable and sometimes emotional at what a difference it makes in their lives. You will feel a surge in confidence like our other patients have and will return to complete oral function and health!

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