Eat what you want vs. eat what you can: Dental Implants

Can you comfortably bite into an apple?  Enjoy corn on the cob? Or chew on your favorite Holiday Toffee or a weekend juicy steak?

A broken or decayed tooth can cause extreme toothache, discomfort and embarrassment.  But the inability to regain control of your life: to be able to eat what you want, when you want, can be detrimental to your health. “Years ago, a physician who suspected heart disease would probably not refer the patient to a gum specialist. The same went for diabetes, pregnancy, or just about any other medical condition. Times have changed. The past 5 to 10 years have seen ballooning interest in possible links between mouth health and body health.

“Physicians are taking a more holistic approach to their patients’ overall health,” says Sally Cram, DDS, PC, consumer advisor for the American Dental Association. And for good reason. In one recent study, people with serious gum disease were 40% more likely to have a chronic condition on top of it.”

If there are foods you’ve been unable to eat, act now.  Our Killeen Dental team has solutions that will allow you to enjoy your meals, smile with confidence and do so comfortably.  There are amazing sedation and relaxation options now and Killeen Dental has kept up-to-date with multiple options to keep you comfortable and relaxed during your visit.  Visit our sedation page for more options.

How do dental implants work?  Throughout history there have been many inventions for replacing missing teeth including glass, wood and stone.  However no replacement made real progress until they discovered that human bone will naturally bond to titanium.  The constructed natural looking tooth is attached to the titanium root making it as durable and beautiful as natural teeth.  Eating foods like steak, corn on the cob and an apple will not displace or shift the implant.  Not only do the implants restore the health of your mouth and body but it looks flawless as well.  If you are looking into implants for cosmetic reasons, then it can permanently solve misalignment issues and cracked or chipped teeth.
You can choose to have a single tooth replaced with an implant without affecting the surrounding healthy teeth or you can choose a bridge or multiple teeth to be replaced with implants.  At Killeen Dental you have the option of replacing an entire arc as well without the annoyance of bulky dentures.  Check out our smile gallery to see some before and after pictures that have left smiles and happy tears on our patient’s faces.

Who can get implants?  Patients with one or more missing/extracted teeth are candidates for implants.  Discuss your specific goals, needs and health with our team.  They can help explain what to expect in the healing and placement process.  Some things that can interfere with healing is smoking, gum disease, autoimmune disorders and diabetes.  In addition, sufficient bone structure to take and heal around the posts is required.

To discuss your personal needs and smile goals, call our office and set up a free implant evaluation.

Don’t eat what you have to, eat what you want to!


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