7 Habits of Our Highly Effective Dental Assistants at Killeen Dental
To thank our wonderful assistants, comment below how they have made your dental visit more comfortable!  They serve and give so much everyday.  It’s time to recognize and thank the people in our dental practice who help make it run so smoothly and effortlessly. 

Dental offices throughout the world will celebrate…

Dental Assistants Recognition

March 6-12, 2016

Each year, a week is set aside to honor dental assistants for their role on the dental team, recognizing their broad spectrum of duties and highlighting their often unheralded contribution to quality dental care. Here are just some of the personality traits it takes daily to get their job done:


1. A love of assisting – You take pride in knowing that you are a dentist’s right arm and that your help makes a difference to the members of your dental team.

2. A desire to serve others – You like giving the very best of yourself to your colleagues and clients every day.

3. Compassion and empathy –  You care about how people feel and are always looking to make them feel better.

4. Intelligence – You are well-informed about basic dental issues and can speak clearly and articulately about them to patients who have questions.

5. Integrity – You always try to do the right thing.

6. A good chairside manner – You are both patient and personable with clients, especially those who may feel nervous about their visit with the dentist.

7. Honest communication and a sense of humor – You are as warm and welcoming to patients as you are genuine and professional with them.  You can see the lighter side of stressful situations and share a laugh with patients and colleagues alike.

We sure think the world of our assistants!